The individualized and personalized care that Dr. Duarte provides is best exemplified through personal testimonies of her patients. Below, you can see just a few examples of satisfied and returning patients.

patient with nice smileI am 54 years old and was referred to Dr Duarte by my retiring periodontist. Upon my complete evaluation, Dr Duarte suggested a system of upper implants along with a permanent denture attached to these implants. Dr Duarte and her staff provided the best of care and always made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I now have a great smile and most importantly have had all of my dental problems resolved. I am very pleased with the final result. I would highly recommend Dr Duarte and her staff for their professional care and expert dental outcomes – Michael

“Great Experience, office hours for the working person. Dr. Duarte and her staff are consummate professionals.” – Audrey

“My name is David, I am 72 years old, and I have been a patient of Dr. Christina Duarte D.D.S. since May 2011. After Dr. Duarte’s initial evaluation of my dental situation, we decided to proceed with implants. Some preparatory dental surgery and the ensuing healing time followed. Dr. Duarte and her staff then set me on a course to incorporate the new implants, a titanium bar, and accompanying denture. Dr. Duarte and her staff put me at ease during each of my office visits. They made me feel like I was part of the office family. I would describe my office visits as both therapeutic and cathartic.” – David

“Dr. Duarte is the greatest dentist I have ever had and this is why: Her front office is very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. That is very important when dealing with emergencies, and insurance and payment transactions. Her assistant is the best. He is very calm and kind to everyone plus he really knows what he is doing. Her hygienist is the most thorough hygienist I have ever encountered. I love having my teeth cleaned and always look forward to having her clean them. Dr. Duarte is an excellent dentist with an easy manner who is able to perform miracles. She has done a lot of work on my teeth and has transformed my smile. I have spent hours and hours in her chair and they have all been pain free – that is important to me. I feel lucky to have her as my dentist and hope she is always there. Thank you Dr. Durate and staff.” – Mary McManus

When my then 3-year old had his first dental appointment, Dr, Duarte and her staff made the whole experience like some kind of dental-wonderland. He got to ride up and down in the chair, play with Mr. Thirst and was sent home w/ some gloves, a mask and everything one would need to play dentist. Dr. Duarte has office hours that are extremely convenient for working people and leads a team of friendly, kind professionals. We are very happy customers – As appeared in Chesapeake Family magazine.